Mandy & Randy Studio-Montreal Event Photographer

Architecture and Real Estate Photography

Real estate agents know an image speaks a thousand words, which means for our clients investing in professional real estate photos can be worth thousands of dollars. We deliver high quality interior and exterior photos for commercial and residential properties. Our services are available to the greater Montreal area, as well as Laval and the North and South Shores.

Mandy & Randy Studio approaches every project with enthusiasm and professionalism, applying creativity and modern technique to deliver superior images under any conditions. With a clear attention to detail and strong sense of composition, the images we produce for realtors showcases every home at its very best.

Mandy & Randy Studio-Montreal Event Photographer

Experience the Difference

High quality realty photos helps potential buyers envision themselves living in the homes you have to sell. That is why great realtors focus on what they do best, selling homes. They delegate the photography to us.

Through years of experience we know how to communicate the brilliance of your property, inside and out. We plan and execute each shot to perfection, while also being able to work on a tight deadlines. We firmly believe we offer our clients the best balance of speed, quality and affordability.

Our Process

All of our images are photographed using the best camera and lenses available on the market. We also use an advanced HDR technique that allows us to capture photos with incredible dynamic range. We then extensively retouch and colour correct each photo to ensure your properties look their best. Lastly, we return all the edited full resolution images to our clients within 24 hours.

Mandy & Randy Studio-Montreal Event Photographer

Best Priced Real Estate Photographer in Montreal

If you have ever scrolled through MLS listings you will quickly realize that it takes a lot more than a beautiful property and high end camera to produce beautiful real estate photos. It takes skillful composition, advanced retouching and a knack for highlighting the features of a property that will appeal to potential buyers. These are all things we know how to do.

Mandy & Randy Studio is also very affordable, with our real estate photography pricing starting at $100/home.

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