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Fine Art Prints

Each of Mandy & Randy Studio’s prints are treated as a custom commission. When you buy one of our fine art photographs, you will deal directly with our office and we will personally work with you to select the image, format and size for your home or office.  Our prints are available as limited editions.  

Over the past several years our work has attracted increasing attention, and our prints have been shown in several exhibitions in Montreal. However, there truly is no greater honour than seeing our art on the walls of peoples homes and businesses.


Decorate Your Walls with Original Artwork

Nothing makes your home or office feel sterile and cold like empty white walls that are devoid of art. And sure, you can get some pieces at your local major box store, but those photos are mass produced and lack a personalized touch. 

Our images are not a representation of what the camera sees, they are about capturing what we as artist see. When you hang one of our fine art photographs on your wall, you are hanging a limited addition piece of art that accurately reflects our interpretation of a specific scene. You will never see an exact replica of any of our images.

Our Process

All of our images are photographed using the best camera and lenses available on the market. We then carefully retouch and colour correct each photo to ensure they accurately reflect our unique artistic vision. Our work is then printed and shipped in bubble wrap packaging in a custom protective box.

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All of our fine art prints are available through our Etsy store. We also sell calendars and acrylic blocks for your desk. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks.

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